The online blog/magazine Saboteur offered me to develop their application, simple user-interface, minimal design and great optimisation for mobile devices. The application I developed is a client application and I was responsible for both the client and server side design, development, and testing. You can download it here.

Saboteur’s pre-existing API was not implemented correctly (not mobile friendly) so I had to re-build it along with their database. I decided to spend some more time working on the api in order to make it “lighter” than before. I wanted the final application to send and receive the Network Requests extremely fast.

I started uploading every photo or media with the option “export for the web”. This option is a must-have in web design as all media have to be minimal in order to support mobile devices. After I cloned the rest of the pre-existing database and made all the end points. Finally the API is very “light” and the returning data are always small and can be downloaded very fast.

I developed this application using the native frameworks even for the network requests. The application starts with a main TableView and maps 5 recent posts. The user can scroll down and the application will ask for 5 more posts. A post TableViewCell has a background photo and a title. The user can touch each post and read its data and view the media natively in the next screen.